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DurhamWorks is a partnership project between Durham County Council and 9 organisations working together to support young people who are not in education, employment or training.

We can give you information, support and guidance that will help you find opportunities near to you. We check through hundreds of job and apprenticeship opportunities and can find out what courses and training are available for you too.

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Calling all Y11 students

Date Posted: Jul 15, 2019

Now you have left school do you think you could do with some additional help when it comes making the move from Year 11 to college, apprenticeships or employment?

DurhamWorks is a dedicated service to support young people aged 16-24 living in County Durham who are not in education, employment or training.

We are a partnership project between Durham County Council and nine organisations working together to offer information, advice and guidance to provide opportunities such as training, work experience and vacancy matching. We also offer tailored support to what a young person may need.

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Train Tracks starts 17th July.

Date Posted: Jul 08, 2019

The programme looks at developing key skills through a range of exciting and challenging activities. It’s an opportunity for you to meet new people, develop skills and try new experiences.

During the programme you will receive support from our DurhamWorks advisers who will help you find your next steps into education, employment or training.

Train Tracks Key Information:

• Aimed for Year 11 leavers only

• Train Tracks time table 1 and ½ days per week over a 5 week period

• Starts on Wednesday 17th July and ends 15th August

• Location Stanley One Point Hub (Next to Louise Centre, opposi...


DurhamWorks for Employers


Are you looking to expand your team?

We can help you find passionate and talented young people that are well suited to your business. We can offer support and advice on apprenticships , training and recruitment.

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DurhamWorks helps employers access the many rewards of employing young people.

Recruiting 16 to 24-year-olds can positively impact on everything from performance and productivity to growth, innovation and morale.

With DurhamWorks it's really simple too. Support and funding may be available to ensure you find the ideal person for your business.

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